Reverse Advent Calendar - Giving back with a twist

Every holiday season growing up I would look forward to the advent calendar. They started as cardboard preset boxes of ok mini chocolates and evolved into my mother's creativity from a miniature Christmas tree with packages that were ornaments for the tree and more! It was a bright spot all the way through December. As I have gotten older giving back has become more and more important to me. This year at Becca's we're going to take the concept and turn it about 180 degrees to give back. So today, we got a brand new laundry basket in preparation for tomorrow. This season instead of opening up packages, or windows for chocolate or drawers, we will be putting something into the basket each day and when we have counted through the 25th the basket will go the Wellington Food Bank. In addition to showing you which item is going in to the basket we will feature a group, organization or event that is also working hard on giving back. We look forward to the next 25 days!

Grace Riley