Evil Minion Farts

Evil Minion Farts


Evil Minion "farts" are a purple meringue with a sweet grape flavor. Ingredients: Egg whites, sugar, natural grape flavor, cream of tarter, food coloring.

The "Farts" Story:

People stop and double check what they just read when they see these colorfully cookies at markets and events. While the name "farts" gets people's attention, the sweet crunchy cookies gain fans quickly. The name comes from the fact that these cookies are piped. Kirk walked in one day just as an air bubble released and the name "farts" was born. We like to add some whimsy to what we do so we started picking out creatures to assign each of our flavors. They are simple meringue cookies which pack a flavorful punch. Lower sugar than most meringues, these cookies are a hit. Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and with a fun flavor!

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