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Our Story.

Food is about wonderful experiences, great textures, local high quality ingredients, family, friends and flavor! At Becca’s Gourmet Goodies, we think that experience should NOT change if your dietary requirements mean a change from traditional ingredients to at gluten free diet.

Becca’s Gourmet Goodies is the product of a refusal to allow a dietary limitation to define Becca's culinary perspective.  In 2008 after a series of seemingly unrelated symptoms and frustration, Becca was diagnosed with Celiac disease and the “cure” was simply to change to a gluten free diet. That proved anything but simple. From navigating the big stuff, obviously wheat bread was off limits, to finding the hidden culprit, who would suspect light sour cream, things were anything but simple when adjusting to a gluten free lifestyle.

Becca’s Gourmet Goodies is dedicated to great food, which happens to be gluten free. Our focus is on making treats, everyday staples and traditional favorites for those with a gluten free lifestyle. We do our best to provide great options for other dietary restrictions but focus on providing the best gluten free products we can. With a passion for food, Becca’s creativity is the drive behind taking traditional and not so traditional recipes to places where everyone can enjoy them. She feels strongly that providing safe, tasty food for those with food allergies is one of the most fulfilling things she could be doing. Truly creating flavor on a gluten free canvas.

Our Inspiration.


Maxine Shenefelt was “Mom” or “Grandma” to so many people. She had a loving heart and spirit along with a passion for feeding people.  Becca grew up eating her Grandmother’s simple treats and the “mistakes” that were beautiful but not pretty enough to be in the bakery case. She baked with heart, was unafraid to try new recipes and could create amazing flavors with simple clean ingredients. Inspired by her grandmother’s spirit, strength and passion for feeding people, Becca chose to find a solution instead of crying over the worst chocolate chip cookie she had ever tasted that was touted as a “great” gluten free option.