Goodbye 2018, Helllloooo 2019!

We have said goodbye to 2018 and while we are not officially open again until January 15th we’re still working behind the scenes to move forward into 2019. We had some rough spots in 2018 and to make 2019 smoother and more successful we are making some major changes.

The Housekeeping news:

·         Becca’s will be at a much smaller selection of markets this season.  Watch the Find Becca’s tab for details on where we will be when.

·         There will be a greater emphasis on our website and special offerings. Exactly how we do this is still being created but you are going to have an option to purchase more specialty items for delivery.

·         We have some AWESOME retail outlets that we will continue to work with. Our consignment partners including the newly opened Public Market and Coffee Shop at Colorado Feed and Grain in Timnath. For a full list you can check out Find Becca’s on the site or click here

The Fun things:

·         At some markets this season (likely Steamboat and Vail) you are going to see a different set up.  We will be doing what amounts to a dessert pop up shop. In the regular booths you are going to see more locally sourced ingredients in specialty creations including a selection of Macarons, individual desserts, cakes, cupcakes and cake slices. We’ll be continuing our Marshmallows made with honey, sandwich cookies and more.

·         Our consignment outlets are getting a facelift. By the middle of February you should see more in the displays at both locations for the Local (Parker and Southlands Mall), the District Shops in Cherry Creek, Maker’s Market at Southwest Plaza and the Maker’s Market at Park Meadows mall.

·         Our classic categories are getting new looks and flavors. The first of which is our granola collection (more on that next week), closely followed by our mixes.

·         We’re branching out. We are kind of data geeks so after looking at our most popular options we are seeing more trends toward dairy-free and vegan items. We’ll be working to add more of both this year.

We also have our subscription box – Ban The Fruit Plate and are looking at launching a goodie box as well this year.

We thank you for your past support and look forward to bringing you more flavor on a gluten free canvas in 2019.