Ban the Fruit Plate - A unique subscription box for the gluten free eater

If you have had a dietary restriction you at some point have been served the dreaded fruit plate for dessert. While those around you indulged you looked down at your possibly beautifully arranged (though not likely to be) plate of canned and cut fruit and thought, Seriously? For us this is the perfect metaphor for the typical gluten free "option" so we want to do more! So let's ban the fruit plate with a box dedicated to enjoying food while staying gluten free. The Ban the Fruit Plate box will include these categories in a carefully curated box delivered to your door each month:
*1 sweet and 1 savory recipe
*An offer (think discount, special sale, etc.)
*Something that isn't ours but that we love (It is important to us to support other gluten-free small businesses and we have a really fun line up of options picked out!) 
*A Becca's Classic (a full size version of something we currently make)
*Something you can't buy (A Becca's product that isn't available anywhere else, YET. First month might have something to do with FunFetti)
*Becca's Look Like (our updated copycat of a known food item)
*Becca's on the Go (a travel sized or purse sized snacky item)
*Becca's Swag (Branded USEFUL item)
*Becca's Savory (Because there is so much sweet and so little for us salty snack people out there)

Boxes are available month to month, 3-month, 6-month and 1 year subscriptions. There are bonuses for the 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. 
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